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If you want to be...
Twin souls

...or just feel like telling me something - anything! - random, this is the place to comment and do so. :-) From now on, (almost) all of my entries will be friends-locked; if you want to be added, please introduce yourself here.

The gorgeous Peter and Carl banner was made for me by the lovely and artistically inclined nene.

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Just dropping by to say "hi" and that I love your new FO banner!

Hello love! Thank you! :-D If you ever need a cute FO banner, let me know, because nene made different ones and I'd love to use them all, but I only have one journal, so... ;-)

Hope you're doing good and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Oh, thank you! Yep, getting into the Christmas spirit and almost done with all the shopping and wrapping. Hope you are too! xx

Ummm... I'm late with wrapping my presents, cos I keep wrapping other people's presents at the shop all day and usually come home covered in paper cuts. ;-) I'm done with the shopping part though! xx

Haha, then your presents must look the best of all! Sometimes the wrapping looks so good, I hate to open it. :) xx

I'm not sure I've seen this photo before. Do you have the full-sized, un-doctored version?

There you go, love.

It's a beautiful picture, innit? xx

How very strange... your posts are very selective about wanting to show up on my friends page! This one isn't there now.

Thanks for the photos - it's so lovely and sweet. Though someone should mention to Carlos that he's wearing his ring on the wrong hand. ;)

Hi sweetie,
wow, I always knew you are ahead of the times, but December 2019? lol
I hope to see you soooon in good old Hannover with lots of lovely presents! :-)
Snowy greetings from Berlin,
love, Ela

Hiya lovely,

you see, I had to find a way to make sure this entry will stay on top of the page, so I set the date to 2019, cos I'm clever like that, haha. ;-)

Oh yes, see you soon indeed! :-) I hope you're already looking forward to the "alternative candlelight dinner" at Mum's, lol. ;-) And your present is so huuuuge, I don't know how I'm supposed to carry it. Ah well. I'll try my best.

Muddy greetings back (the snow is already melting here)!

*hugs* xxx

*jumps around excitedly*
*takes a deep breath*

I'll click on that mysterious link now! :D

Oh my, just seeing this banner after reading 'The Escalator' I have tears in my eyes..wonderful (soppy tart I am..) As much as I want to read the next part, I don't actually want tit to end! x

it..not tit..eek!

Re: Cause I see you..

miints made that drawing for me! :D And nene turned it into a beautiful header and matching icons. :D I have to admit, when I first saw the drawing, it brought a tear to my eye as well... It's definitely going to comfort me when I miss my boys. They have been living in my head for three years now, so it's quite hard to let them go, silly as that may sound. xx

Hullo there! You seem utterly lovely. Friends?

Well, of course! Sorry for the late reply, but I'm ill and had a bit of a mad week. Looking forward to getting to know you! :) Xx

Oh, it's Ok, I hope you get well soon :) I'm just glad that you added me at all!

Thank you. :) I'm always happy to get to know interesting new people!

nhmg, nice banner you have. luv the two of them together.
and you journal seem lovely as well. friends?

Thank you and so do I! :D I'll add you right back. xx

i recently finished reading the escalator and i loved it, it was so amazing and dream-like! i've been attempting to write some of my own, everyone in this community is so talented! friends please?

Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed The Escalator, it took me forever to write and it's very close to my heart. I'll be looking forward to reading what you've come up with, hopefully you'll share it with the rest of the world sometime soon?! :D

friends please?

Well, of course! :)

things will be posted sooner than later, promise! i have a little short one i'm editing and i'm working on a muchhh longer story that i'm already very close to, mainly to prove to myself that i can write *and* finish something lengthy!

my friend is great at helping me with my grammar and pointing out my tendancy to forget what tense i'm supposed to be using, however he's really busy and doesn't have time to motivate me or talk over plot stuff as it's not really his thing. add to that the fact that my pete and carl are running amok in my head and refusing to play nice with each other and it's slow going.

thanks for the interest i really appreciate it! :)

*glares at LJ* Usually I get comments forwarded to me, but I now realize this hasn't happened for the past weeks... What in the world is going on? I apologize for not getting back to you! Especially since you mentioned that you're working on two stories! Hurrah! I encourage this wholeheartedly. :) It's sweet that your friend is helping you out with betaing, but if you ever need another opinion, I'm happy to help. That said, I have a rubbish internet connection (or mostly none at all, which is just WRONG) and a job that eats up most of my time and energy, but still - I'm always willing to devote myself to a good cause. ;)
Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day checking out everything I've missed on my friends page. I'm well excited!

i hate it when that happens! *kicks lj* one time i got a few comments in the same day, i got a email notification for one four days later and another a week and a half later.
i have so many things in progress, i start things but just don't finish them so i'm trying to befriend people in this communtiy to poke me into finishing stuff haha!
i would love another opinion, it's so sweet of you to offer even though you're so busy (and yes, so so very wrong that your internet is so shitty). i'm busy too and fairly slow at writing so i feel that it would work well for me.
ooh have fun catching up on everything! :)

Are you still writing Coming Clean? Please, pleeeeeaseeee, tell me you are!

Thanks for asking and yes, I'm still writing it (just slooooowly)! :) I've added you in case you want to be (very sporadically) updated on its progress.

Hello, I love Coming Clean! Your writing is amazing. Friends?

Hi! Thank you! :) I'll add you right away, but don't be disappointed: I suffer from chronic lack of internet access and thus I'm often slow in updating/commenting. I also write about random things on here and it's (mostly) not the place where I post stories; A_U is their one and only home. If that doesn't bother you and you still want to be friends, you're very welcome! :D Xx

I saw your comment on a post from plasticbeads so I know you're still out there. I have The Escalator bookmarked and share it every opportunity I get. I've lost track of the number of times I've read it. I don't know if you still write, but I would be honored if you would friend me. 😁

Hi there, nice to meet you! Yes, I'm still around and very much into the Libertines and into writing. :D I have lost touch with LJ a bit, but I love this place and I do intend to post on Unbound again soon. I'm very touched to hear you love The Escalator so much. ♥ A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into writing it, but it obviously brought me a lot of happiness as well. I don't know if you have read Coming Clean (it's also on Unbound)? I'm actually - believe it or not - in the process of finishing the final chapter.

PS I tried to add you, I hope it worked... I haven't done this in ages, sorry! :D

It appears to have worked. I'm glad that you are finishing Coming Clean. It deserves an ending. You have no idea how refreshing it is to find others devoted to The Libertines...I live in the States and the only other person I know who knows every song by heart (or even who they are period) is my 13 year old daughter. 😁 Thank you again...and I look forward to anything you write in the future!

Just added you. Add back?


Thank you! :-) I did - and I hope I did it right. I forgot how bad I am at this LJ stuff, it tends to confuse me (using a really old netbook probably doesn't help, but the app doesn't work well on my phone). xxx

Add me back?


Edited at 2016-04-03 10:19 pm (UTC)

Hi! Would you mind telling me, if we know each other/where you know me from? Your user pic suggests through the Libertines. ;-) You're welcome to reply here, or drop me a message if you prefer. I've become a bit cautious about adding people I don't know at all, and your username doesn't sound familiar to me. Thanks. x

Yeah I'm a Libs fan, reader not a poster I'm afraid just trying to add as many other Libs fans as possible 😊

I like readers, but I wish they'd post a comment once in a while because nowadays LJ feels like shouting down an empty well. ;-) Which is why I don't come here too often anymore. Which is a shame! Anyway, I'll add you back now. Maybe LJ will kick back into action one day (just like the Libs did)... Hope springs eternal.

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